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Prince William County Green Business Council Green Awards

Congratulations, award winners! This past week, the PWCGBC presented Environmental Awards at their 2024 Annual Spring Conference... Read more


His passion for the natural world was sparked at age five in 1963 when he spent hours exploring the woods... Read more


Scott C. Plein, founder of the White House Farm Foundation, was awarded Conservationist of the Year by Prince William Ducks Unlimited. Read more


In 1760, about 30 years before construction began on the White House in the District of Columbia, a Mennonite settler named Martin Kauffman II built... Read more

Birding club.jpg

Let Birdsong Drown Out City Noise at Leopold's Preserve

We’d walked nearly two miles and through a handful of habitats, spotting red-winged blackbirds, tree swallows, egrets and evidence of active beavers... Read more


In this podcast episode, WHFF Founder Scott C. Plein and NVCT Executive Director Alan Rowsome discuss the unique role of Leopold's Preserve. Listen here!


My 11th grade history teacher, Mr. David Poole Kite, assigned me the first big research paper I can remember having to write in high school. I typed... Read more

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